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The Noise Control Solution

When Durability, Acoustics, and Design Flexibility Are Required

Toughness is at the heart of all TECTUM Products. TECTUM Roof Deck and Interior Solutions have been trusted to deliver durability and acoustics in high-traffic, high-impact spaces for over 65 years.

Durability comes in many shapes and sizes. TECTUM Products offer design flexibility with a range of options to help architects and designers realize their design vision. Acoustics are a key element of good building design, and occupants and buildings owners have much to gain. Good acoustics enhance speech intelligibility, making it easier to understand sounds. Perceived quality of a space is also increased, making it a space where people want to be.

Since 1949, TECTUM Roof Deck and Interior Solutions have earned the trust of commercial, industrial, and institutional designers with a full range of durable, acoustical, and structural solutions.

  • Tectum E Roof Deck
    Tectum E
  • Tectum I Roof Deck
    Tectum I
  • Tectum III Roof Deck
    Tectum III
  • Tectum V Roof Deck
    Tectum V

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