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The Tectum Acousti-Tough Ceiling System is a suspended acoustical ceiling specifically designed for multi-purpose rooms and gymnasiums. Tectum panels are the only hard surfaced, durable panels that can take repeated blows from basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls without cracking or breaking.

The Tectum Keep Clip, an integral part of the Acousti-Tough Ceiling System, holds the Tectum Ceiling Panels in place and helps reposition them after being struck, saving maintenance time and money in high ceiling areas. It is simple to install and permits full access to the plenum. Two sizes are available to accommodate panels from one inch to two inches thick. Panels must be square-edged, lay-in for this application. Aesthetics are not affected because the clip is invisible from below.

The Acousti-Tough Ceiling System is appropriate in a wide variety of abuse-prone applications:
  • Recreational facilities–to prevent stray balls from dislodging/ breaking ceiling panels.
  • Exterior applications–shopping centers, canopies, soffits, tunnels, parking ramps.
  • Unsupervised corridors, locker rooms, garages and other areas to minimize maintenance.
All manufacturers must be minimum intermediate duty grid, 1 ½" height main runners and cross tees.
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