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Interior Acoustical Panels

Direct-Attached Interior Ceiling Panels Select TAG to import BIM product files.

Tectum Direct-Attached Ceiling Panels create a monolithic appearance without the use of ceiling grid. They combine a unique textured look with superior abuse resistance. These high-impact acoustical panels combine several functions that truly set them apart for use in commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial buildings.

Tectum panels can be mechanically attached to a variety of ceiling substrates which include: the underside of the roof deck; the joists and other support members; drywall suspension systems; metal and wood furring structures and other commonly used support systems. Panels should be no greater than 96” long, beveled on all four sides and placed in a random ashlars pattern (cinder block style). They can be cut easily and shaped with standard woodworking tools.

Tectum Direct-Attached Ceiling Panels can be used in their attractive unpainted natural color, painted white or custom colors. Also, these panels may be painted or re-painted in the field up to six times without reducing their acoustical properties.
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