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Interior Acoustical Panels

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Tectum Lay-In Ceiling Panels combine a unique textured beauty with superior abuse resistance.

These impact resistant wood fiber panels combine several functions that truly set them apart for use in commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial buildings.

The panels are available in a wide range of sizes. They can be cut easily and shaped with standard woodworking tools, and installed in standard intermediate duty, 15⁄16” grid systems. By using Lay-In, Tonico and Designer Series Tectum panels, the designer can create a variety of three-dimensional patterns.

Tectum Lay-In Ceiling Panels are available in their attractive unpainted natural finish, painted white or in custom colors. These panels may be painted or re-painted in the field up to six times without reducing their acoustical properties.

Tectum decorative and acoustical panels can take repeated abuse and still maintain their strength and appearance. Tectum Lay-In Ceiling Panels have remained the product of choice for over 60 years for any area where noise is a problem. In areas where ceilings face abuse, Tectum Lay-In Ceiling Panels are the best long-term solution. Tectum ceiling panels meet the requirements of ASTM E-1264 Type XIV pattern L Class A.
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