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Interior Acoustical Panels

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The Tectum Fabri-Glass wall panel system is a very cost-effective way to control unwanted noise. The 1”-thick fiberglass substrate is covered by a wide choice of woven or non-woven fabrics in many color selections. Tectum Fabri-Glass provides a Speech Privacy Range of .95 and an NRC of .80 when using an A mounting. This popular lightweight wall panel system combines economy with superior sound absorption, a wide choice of fabric colors and ease of installation.

Fabri-Glass wall panels are easy to install. The panels are kerfed to receive a concealed H-spline which then fastens to the wall or other structure, depending on the type of mounting.

Fabri-Glass Décor Panels
Made with the same fiberglass substrate as Fabri-Glass wall panels and with the same wide choices of fabric colors, Tectum Fabri-Glass Décor Panels provide an excellent means of reducing unwanted sound in both new and existing spaces. Fabri-Glass Décor Panels are 1”-thick. The fabric is wrapped around all four edges. Impaling clips, Z-clips or other fastening techniques are at the option of the installer.
Fabri-Glass Interior Wall Panels - TECTUM

LEED Contribution:

The LEED Green Building Certification Program evaluates every aspect of the construction process and building components used in new and existing buildings. Armstrong fully endorses the LEED Green Building Rating System. Armstrong Interior Wall Panels contribute to the LEED Certification Program:

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