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Interior Acoustical Panels

Fabri-Glass™ Wall Panels Select TAG to import BIM product files.

The Tectum Fabri-Glass wall panel system is a very cost-effective way to control unwanted noise. The 1”-thick fiberglass substrate is covered by a wide choice of woven or non-woven fabrics in many color selections. Tectum Fabri-Glass provides a Speech Privacy Range of .95 and an NRC of .80 when using an A mounting. This popular lightweight wall panel system combines economy with superior sound absorption, a wide choice of fabric colors and ease of installation.

Fabri-Glass wall panels are easy to install. The panels are kerfed to receive a concealed H-spline which then fastens to the wall or other structure, depending on the type of mounting.

Fabri-Glass Décor Panels
Made with the same fiberglass substrate as Fabri-Glass wall panels and with the same wide choices of fabric colors, Tectum Fabri-Glass Décor Panels provide an excellent means of reducing unwanted sound in both new and existing spaces. Fabri-Glass Décor Panels are 1”-thick. The fabric is wrapped around all four edges. Impaling clips, Z-clips or other fastening techniques are at the option of the installer.
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