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Interior Acoustical Panels

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Fabri-Tough II Acoustical Panels
Romeoville Village Hall – Romeoville, IL
Tectum Fabri-Tough II allows designers to use any suitable fabric on sound-deadening Tectum Wall Panels. Custom Fabrics and a 1⁄8 inch, 18-pound density fiberglass board are laminated to the face of a Tectum Wall Panel. Fabri-Tough II is perfect for offices, conference rooms and any space where noise reduction is needed and designer fabrics are desired. In spaces where even greater sound absorption is needed, Finalé Fabri-Tough II provides an NRC up to .85 without sacrificing style.

Control noise efficiently, economically and attractively in open plan, closed or mixed-use space with the Fabri-Tough II Wall Panel System. Efficiently - Tectum panels are known for sound absorption and abuse-resistance. Economically - these panels are competitively priced and will last longer than ordinary, soft- base panels. Attractively - the designer specifies desired fabric brand and pattern.

Fabri-Tough II Kerfed Wall Panels have the fabric wrapped around the edge to the kerf where a plastic spline is inserted for attachment to the wall. Panel ends are square cut but can be wrapped with the fabric as an option.

Fabri-Tough II Décor Panels have fully wrapped edges and are attached using 20” Z-Clips allowing for panels to be strategically placed in a space as opposed to consecutive attachment. Fabri-Tough II Wall Panels have a flame spread of 25 or less under the ASTM E84 test method. Panel components meet the requirements of the room corner fire test (UBC 8-2 or equivalent) for use in areas not protected by automatic sprinklers.

For panels used in recessed areas, some field adjusting may be necessary.
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