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Interior Acoustical Panels

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Tectum Interior Wall Panels offer an effective, permanent and attractive solution for any kind of activity that produces undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space. They are abuse-resistant and are able to withstand repeated impact, yet are lightweight. Tectum Interior Wall Panels are easy to install in new construction and in existing buildings for effective sound control.

Como Park Zoo Sound Study
Please click on the link below to download a before/after sound study of the award winning Como Park Zoo project:
Como Park Zoo Sound Study

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Standard Interior Wall Acoustical PanelsNRC/Mountings - Noise Reduction

Up to 1.00 NRC can be achieved depending on mounting style. Furring strips installed horizontally (when using vertical panels) are recommended and should be a maximum of 24" o.c. when using 1"-thick panels.

Installation Instructions


ASTM E-84 - Flame Spread/Smoke Developed

Tectum E Roof Deck - 0 Flame Spread, 0 Smoke Developed

Sizes, Finishes

Tectum Interior Wall Panels are available in 1", 1½" and 2" thicknesses and in widths of 23¾", 31¾" and 47¾" with long edges beveled. 1½" and 2" panels are also available with T&G edges in widths of 23", 31" and 47" for interlocking continuous paneling. 4' to 12' lengths are available in one inch increments. Tectum Interior Wall Panels are available in natural, painted white or custom colors, and can easily be field painted up to six times without losing their acoustical efficiency.


  • 1" - 1.65 lbs./square foot

  • 1½" - 2.55 lbs./square foot

  • 2" - 3.50 lbs./square foot


  • 1.75 per inch of thickness
Light Reflectance


Tectum ceiling and wall panel measurements are plus or minus 1/8 - 1/4". Thicknesses are nominal. Panels that are to be butted must be beveled and will require field fitting or molding can be used to cover edges.


Tectum Acoustical Panels can be used over swimming pools and in open construction such as breezeways and open garages. They should not be installed where they will come in direct contact with water or condensation. Reveal edge panels (Tonico) should not be used for this purpose.

1" panels should not be used where the relative humidity will exceed 85%. Panels 1½" or thicker are not restricted by humidity conditions.

In all cases, the plenum must provide cross-ventilation to prevent condensation.

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