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Tectum I Acoustical Roof Deck Select TAG to import BIM product files.

Tectum I is typically used in low-slope applications and provides a thermal barrier for field-applied foam plastics. It is compatible with virtually all roof installation materials. Underside exposed joints have attractive beveled edges. LS (long span) panels are available with steel channel reinforcement. The Tectum I Roof Deck System consists of standard Tectum panels in either plank or tile configurations.

LEED Contribution:

The LEED Green Building Certification Program evaluates every aspect of the construction process and building components used in new and existing buildings. Tectum Inc. fully endorses the LEED Green Building Rating System. Tectum I Structural Roof Deck contributes to the LEED Certification Program:

For LEED information regarding our entire Tectum product line, please click here.


Tectum I Roof Plank

Tectum Roof Plank with a T&G edge is available in all Tectum roof deck systems. Tectum Long Span Plank, available only in Tectum I panel, uses a 16-gauge galvanized steel channel for increased spans. These products are applicable to flat and pitched roofs.


Tectum I Roof Tile

Tectum Roof Deck Tile uses any of the Tectum panels to span between steel tees or concrete joists. The rabbeted edges of Tectum tile rest on steel tee flanges or on top of concrete joists. Spaces between tile and tees, or tile and anchors in concrete joists, are filled with Tectum grout for excellent anchorage and wind uplift resistance. Custom lengths allow roof design with no exposed end joints.


The Tectum Roof Deck – LWIC System uses Tectum roof plank and tile to provide a unique and structural substrate for LWIC (Lightweight Insulating Concrete) topping. This system can be used over steel or wood structural systems. The porous nature of Tectum decks allows the LWIC to dry from the underside of the LWIC slurry. The result is a structural, acoustical deck with permanent insulation. The deck can be reroofed without costly replacement and disposal of the existing insulation.

This roof deck system has proven to be long lasting and economical for flat and low-slope roof decks. It is an ideal solution in areas where higher allowable shear values are required.
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